Saturday, July 27, 2013

40 Main Street, Walpole, NH

40 Main St. Walpole, NH. 1860s? Photo: Doug Kerr
This Italianate in Walpole is at 40 Main St and it currently serves as law offices. and I am guessing it was built in the 1860s because of its style, although New Hampshire tends to be conservative architecturally. It follows the symmetrical plan and has flushboard siding, which simulates plastering. The design is simple but elegant. The windows have simple cornice and bracket hood moldings with fancy decorated brackets; the central segemental arched window has a curved cornice above it, delineating the central bay from the sides. The porch is a lovely composition with a shallow arch supported by Corinthian columns with s-curve brackets that have finials. In a way, the brackets remind me of those found on Indian Italianates, with their vegetal finials and elongated appearance. The door is also segmental arched and the molding that divides its side lights and transom is also curved along with the arch, a nice feature. The cornice has a defined frieze and paired brackets with small frieze windows. What really catches my eye in this house is the cupola, which is one of my favorite types. The cupola cornice on the four sides curves along with the central window, creating an undulation in the line, something I have a real weakness for. The cupola's high base is also neat because it makes it more visually dominant, unlike the cupolas which you can barely seen above the roof. The cupola windows have unusual Venetian tracery, something that is more commonly seen on facade windows.

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