Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Charles J. Saxe House, Troy, NY

Charles J. Saxe House, Troy, NY. 1854
At 193 2nd Street we find a house built for the Main family in 1854 but named for Charles J. Saxe, a lumber dealer. Like the Fuller house, this one also follows roughly the row house plan, but it lacks a bay, being extremely narrow. The bays are also not proportional and the left hand bay is much wider than the right, a feature we have seen on other houses on the park. The façade is brownstone and the windows lack typical moldings. Instead, there are extremely heavy brackets supporting moldings and iron balconies. This relieves the plainness of the façade and creates a rhythmic tension, preventing aggressive plainness. The cornice is very simple with only a pierced architrave molding and s scroll brackets.

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