Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Joseph Fuller House, Troy, NY

Joseph Fuller House, Troy, NY. 1853
Built in 1853 at 197 2nd Street for Hiram Ingalls, this brownstone row house is known for Joseph Fuller, a major stove manufacturer. The house is a variant of the row house plan in that it is three proportional bays with a fourth elongated bay to one side (very upstate). Sorry about the trees, this is a very verdant square. Again, we have simple molded segmental arched windows with intact iron balconies. The door is particularly interesting, since it is a rectangle when most doors have some kind of arch. The frame itself is arched and fitted into the opening. The narrow octagonal columns with wrapping moldings are borrowed from Gothic forms. The interiors with their lavish Eastlake and Renaissance Revival design are stunning and can be seen here. Would that I could post the pics of them here.

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