Saturday, January 24, 2015

The A. G. Stobaugh House, Honey Grove TX

Stobaugh House, Honey Grove, Tx, 1875 Photo: James Gerling
Photo: John S
The Stobaugh house is an interesting little home in the small town of Honey Grove, TX, built in 1875 (or so). Despite being located in a relatively small area, the house displays a great deal of sophistication. With a clapboard facade, the house is a symmetrical plan villa with paired brackets, eastlake window surrounds, a simple cupola and a porch with surprisingly thin columns. The real treat, however, are the box windows in the side bays on the front facade that are surmounted by porches topped by pediments and brackets. This is an unusual feature that gives the house a very grand feel and was surely meant to impress. Although the original balustrade and urns over the porch have been removed, the house looks beautifully cared for and even sports a very appropriate paint scheme.

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  1. It is nice seeing the archival image, which shows what has been lost over time. But could be resurrected! And I do love a cupola!