Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Jacques Dupre House, New Orleans, LA

The Jacques Dupre House, New Orleans, LA. 1830 
Built 1830 by Jacques Dupre at 938 Esplanade, this house is unlikely to have been as Italianate as it is today. Judging by the door, although that's a risky busines in a town of architectural synthesis, I'd say it was probably Greek Revival, but its current form is solidly Italianate, probably from the 1850s or so. The house follows the typical side hall plan and currently has a brick facade. First floor windows, as often in New Orleans are segmental arched while those of the second floor are rectangular; all have thick Renaissance style hood moldings. The cornice itself is paneled with simple paired brackets, and a balcony wraps around most of the building with spartan Gothic ironwork. Although not as flashy as some other houses, the Dupre house appears a good example of an average Italianate.

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